This Week's News 23.06.17

New Partner Salon Agreement

As you will be aware from our weekly newsletter and Facebook posts the Government introduced changes to the way apprenticeships are funded these changes affect all employers. In order to comply with Government funding requirements we will be shortly posting an updated Partner Salon Agreement to you. This outlines your responsibilities as the recipient of public funding and our responsibilities as a Government registered apprenticeship provider.

You will need to complete the last page of the agreement, detach it and return it in the pre-paid envelope provided. The main body of the agreement should be retained for your records.

Please look out for the agreement and return asap, having no signed agreement in place could jeopardise our ability to draw down funding for your apprentices.

Poor Casey!

Casey has broken her ankle and is likely to be off work for about 6-8 weeks - ouch! Charlotte has put a plan in place so that learners will not miss visits. Here's hoping Casey won't need surgery and will feel a lot more comfortable soon.

Queen's speech 2017: Brexit dominates legislative programme

The Queen has outlined the minority Government's legislative programme for the next two years, concentrating on eight separate Brexit-related bills. However, some of the manifesto pledges made by the Conservatives have been omitted. For employers, the Queen's speech and the detail of the Government's plans retains some, but not all, of the Tory election pledges. The Government's plans around technical education are included. It will introduce 15 technical education routes, including 'T-levels', based on standards designed by employers and grouping together occupations where there are shared training requirements. Each route would allow progression from Level 2, equivalent to GCSE, to level 5, the Higher National Diploma-equivalent for college-based students, and to level 7 for apprenticeships. The national living wage would continue to increase to 60% of median earnings by 2020 (currently forecast to be £8.75) but, after that, it will only increase in line with average earnings.

Apprentice incentives not allowed

For many years, ITS has awarded a cash bonus to learners who achieve their apprenticeships by their target date. This has always been viewed by us as a pat on the back for their dedication and hard work. We have been told this week that this is not permitted under the new funding rules for apprenticeships.

Investigation demanded into DfE's handling of apprenticeship figures

An independent expert in government statistics has called for an investigation after the Department for Education encouraged the use of "misleading” provider apprenticeship achievement rate data, rather than... Read more

Apprenticeship vacancy adverts plummet in May

Latest government figures for apprenticeship vacancies appear to show a dramatic fall for the month of May, when the levy reforms kicked in. As few as 10... Read more

Salon openings outstrip other businesses

More hairdressing, barbers and beauty businesses opened in 2016 than ever before, overtaking tearooms, coffee shops and take-aways in popularity, according to the Local Data Company's (LDC) latest Leisure and Retail report. With and beauty salons, barbers, beauty and nail salons occupying four out of the 10 top slots, the hair and beauty industry combined saw the highest number of new businesses opening in Great Britain. By contrast, the greatest number of closures were suffered by banks, convenience stores, women's clothing, pubs, fashion shops, newsagents and Post Office services. The National Hairdressing Federations' CEO, Hilary Hall commented: "Not only does the LDC report unveil the explosive growth in the number of new barbering, beauty and hairdressing businesses, which opened in record numbers in 2016, it also provides concrete proof that salons and barbershops are facing ever-increasing competition. If they are to survive in such a tough marketplace, business owners will need to work harder than ever before on their brand and client experience to differentiate their business from the many others out there."

Don't fall foul of alcohol licensing laws

Hairdressers have reacted to recent reports in the national press that they could face fines of up to £20,000 for offering complimentary drinks without a licence. Many of those commenting on Facebook were shocked to learn they could be in breach of the law by offering guests a free glass of fizz or a beer, without having a drinks licence. The issue was brought to light by a recent statement issued by Staffordshire Police, which was picked up by several national newspapers. "More and more businesses in Staffordshire could face a large fine as they are offering their customers alcohol as part of their experience without realising that they need a licence to do so," read the statement. "Our licensing team has discovered quite a few hair and beauty salons are offering 'free' glasses of wine or champagne as part of a treatment, or, in some cases, as a customer is undergoing a treatment, the business then offers them a glass of wine at no extra cost. While this is well-intentioned and just part of the business trying to give the customer the best experience, it is also against the law if you do not have a licence to sell alcohol. "At this stage, we wanted to alert businesses to stop this practice going forward, otherwise we will have to begin enforcement on businesses we know are offering free alcohol. If a business is caught serving alcohol without a licence, they could face a £20,000 fine and/or six months imprisonment for the business owner."

HJ advises all salon owners who offer complementary alcoholic drinks to research their local council's policy on the practice.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) basics

If your organisation serves customers or individuals in the European Union, you're likely already aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Introduced in response to concerns about data privacy, the GDPR will go into effect on 25th May 2018, requiring responsibility and accountability for every organisation that processes the personal data of individuals in the EU. The first thing to understand about the GDPR is to whom it applies and what it covers. The regulation refers to both 'controllers' and 'processors' of data. In other words, any organisation within the EU and any organization that stores, handles, or processes personal data of EU residents in any way. Personal data is defined quite broadly to include not only information provided by the individual, but also observed data such as online identifiers, browsing history or social media posts; data derived through straightforward processing such as previous transactional history; and data inferred through more complex processing. Given this, companies need to be extremely thoughtful about the handling of any data they collect. The GDPR is all about accountability and governance. Companies must take steps to minimise the risk of breaches and uphold the protection of personal data, ensuring compliance through documented technical and organisational security measures. If GDPR compliance seems onerous, consider the alternative: organisations that fall short of GDPR requirements can face stiff penalties on a two-tier fine structure. A lack of compliance can bring a penalty of €10 million, or 2 percent of global revenue, whichever is greater. Companies that violate the rights and freedoms of their data subjects, including those that fall victim to hacking and other breaches of personal data, are subject to twice that penalty. Add this to the already-considerable set of risks associated with a data breach. Beyond new penalties, security requirements and incident response obligations, the GDPR extends additional rights to individuals in the EU, including the right to be informed about the use of their personal data, the right to have access, to erase and transfer their personal data. For more information visit www.eugdpr.org.


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