This Week's News 22.09.17

Become an independent end-point assessor!

City & Guilds is still accepting applications from suitable candidates to become Lead and Independent End-point Assessors for the Hair Professional apprenticeship standard.

Functional skills reform

The Government is reforming functional skills qualifications to improve their relevance and content, and to build their recognition and credibility in the labour market. The Government reforms are set out here. However there appears to have been some internal fighting over the reforms. See article for more details.

Are schools doing enough to encourage apprenticeships?

A recent study conducted by leading student-focused research company Trendence UK has revealed that school students are still far less likely to consider an apprenticeship over university. Just one in ten are considering apprenticeships. See article.

The importance of a three month trial

We now ask that any potential apprentice completes a three month trial in salon on full time hours before we sign them up to their apprenticeship. We have had a number of early leavers recently and found that, in a large number of cases, they had not completed a trial on full time hours and found that hairdressing was not suited to them. A three month trial has therefore been implemented to hopefully avoid this. This does not stop you from utilising this period to start their training. In addition we will be carrying out their skills check for Functional Skills during this time.

Apprentices used as 'cheap, subsidised labour', survey suggests

Survey by National Society of Apprentices and Tes lifts lid on apprentices' pay and working conditions, with many not paid for off-the-job training. See article. The government's requirement for 20 per cent of any apprenticeship to consist of off-the-job training was a 'core principal' of the apprenticeship reforms. Please check that you are meeting this requirement.

DfE launches its fifth consultation on apprenticeship funding reform

The Department for Education has put out yet another survey on how reforms to apprenticeship funding are affecting employers and training providers today - the fifth such consultation in four years, under four different ministers. See article.

'Be concerned', SMEs told, as HMRC targets SMEs over tax avoidance

Research has suggested HMRC is targeting SMEs rather than larger businesses over potential tax avoidance because it perceives them to be an easier target. See article.

Increase of pensions automatic enrolment contributions

The minimum contributions that you and your staff pay into your automatic enrolment workplace pension scheme are increasing. It is your responsibility to make sure these increases are implemented. See if it affects you on the Pensions Regulator website.

Congratulations to the following learners who completed their apprenticeships this week

Chelsey Coiro - Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship - Mickenna Hair, Bletchingley
Pariss Hadaway - Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship - Mille Jones, Haslemere
Sophie Naisby - Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship - Inspirations Hair & Beauty, Wokingham


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