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Important - Partner Salon Network Meetings - Date Changes

Please note that the dates of the PSN meetings during 2018 have been changed.

  • Monday 12th February
  • Tuesday 5th June
  • Monday 18th October

PSN meetings take place at the School of Management Building, University of Surrey, Stag Hill Campus, Guildford GU2 7XH Plan your journey

Apprenticeship Live Broadcasts

Schools in England can now access the very latest apprenticeship information directly from employers and their apprentices - through a new Apprenticeship Live broadcast initiative. The broadcasts give students, teachers and governors the chance to speak directly to apprenticeship employers and their apprentices live online. During the broadcasts they will hear about the latest opportunities on offer; the skills employers are looking for and how students can best prepare themselves for working life after school or college. Thirteen employers have already signed up to deliver Apprenticeship Live broadcasts.

Apprentices - Unfair Dismissal

Generally, you can only terminate an Apprenticeship if the conduct is such that it makes it impossible for you to carry out the central purpose of the relationship - teaching the apprentice the trade. There is a much higher threshold for performance and conduct issues than applies in a normal contract of employment. You will be expected to manage performance and absence problems in a manner which results in the apprentice achieving the required standards. In order to dismiss an apprentice and stay the right side of the law, you must be able to show that you had a reasonable and genuine belief that the dismissal was fair. Reasons would include acts of gross misconduct or continual neglect of duties or serious incapacitation to the extent that it's become impossible for you to teach the apprentice (having followed a fair dismissal procedure). An employment tribunal may not be impressed if an apprentice is fired for a one-off incident. In the case of Shortland v Chantrill IRLR 208, an apprentice was criticised by a managing director about his work and he swore at the director, for which he was dismissed. However, it was held that the dismissal was unfair; one isolated step of impudence did not warrant the termination of an Apprenticeship which had 10 months to run.

Managing Future Talent

Recommendations designed to ensure young workers feel supported at work:

  • Communicate, review progress and meet regularly.
  • Provide feedback, praise and recognition.
  • Provide an appropriate level of autonomy and empowerment.
  • Take an interest in the individual.
  • Be available to talk if an employee has a question or a problem.
  • Be approachable and understanding.

It is likely that these behaviours are especially important in the management and development of apprentices, who, in many cases, are having their first full-time experience of the workplace.

An apprentice is with you because they want to be. They have made an active choice to learn on the job and a commitment to a career in hairdressing, so it is imperative to build on this commitment and give them the appropriate levels of responsibility but also the support they will need to succeed. You can do this by:

  • Giving apprentices a clear outline of expectations and a safe supportive environment to learn and develop
  • Encouraging them from the start to own and drive their programme targets and to seek regular feedback to self-assess their performance
  • Up-skilling and developing senior staff so they can coach the apprentice and act as a role model
  • Putting a workplace learning mentor in place to further enhance the experience, adding and creating a proactive environment that builds on their eagerness, motivation and commitment.

Every School to get a 'Mental Health Lead'

The government's green paper on Children and Young People's Mental Health includes a £310 million package to help young people with mental health problems get better treatment. The majority of the funding, £215 million, will be spent on new mental health support teams. The government will recruit 'several thousand people' over the next five years to work with the NHS and offer treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy within schools. The remaining £95 million will fund the appointment and training of new mental health leads, equivalent to around £4,000 per school. The government wants to see a member of staff in every school in England trained to develop mental health policies and give pastoral support by 2025.

National Apprenticeship Week 2018 - theme announced

National Apprenticeship Week 2018 will take place from 5th to 9th March 2018. The theme for the week was announced at the Skills Show and is 'Apprenticeships Work'. Please follow @Apprenticeships on Twitter; National Apprenticeship Service on LinkedIn and visit GOV.UK for more information on the theme and how you can support the week to attract new apprentices.

Fit for Work Assessment Services to Close

The Government has announced that Fit for Work assessment services will close next spring, following low referral rates. The Fit for Work referral service provides free access to an occupational health professional for people who are off work for four weeks or more. Employers, employees and GPs will continue to be able to use the Fit for Work helpline and website for workplace health advice and support on sickness absence, but from 31st March 2018 in England and Wales, and 31 May 2018 in Scotland, assessments services will cease. The scrapping of Fit for Work assessments came as the Government announced ambitious plans to get one million more disabled people in work over the next 10 years.

Congratulations to the following learners who completed their Apprenticeships this week

Claudia Alessi - Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship - Academy, Hersham
Jamey Lee Russell - Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship - Streets Ahead, Fetcham


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