This Week's News 15.09.17

Client Feedback - good for business

Hopefully you encourage your clients to give feedback on your services, but are you making the most of the reviews you receive? Research highlights what works best for consumers.

  • 92% read reviews online
  • 88% compare up to 10 reviews before reaching an opinion compared to 73% who compare up to six reviews
  • 95% of unhappy customers return back to a business if an issue raised is dealt with promptly.

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Where did £200 million go?

The government has been accused of "shoving money down the Treasury's sofa" after a report found that it was unable to show if it had delivered on its promise to create 50,000 apprenticeships using £200 million in bank fines.
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Ofsted Monitoring visit - Surrey Children's Service

Following a visit by Ofsted in 2015 at which Surrey County Councils Children's Services were judged as inadequate, regular monitoring visits show there are still failing's. Copies of the reports are available on the Ofsted website

Just 15% of Levy Funded Apprentice starts aged 16-18

Recent Government statistics could indicate the Conservative party may struggle to 'deliver our commitment to create 3 million apprenticeships for young people by 2020' a promise which appeared in its manifesto ahead of the June general election. Read the full article here.

No Short cuts in funding Rules

A training provider exposed in June to be flouting the ESFA apprenticeship funding rules has recently gone into liquidation following the withdrawal of its apprenticeship contract. Read more here .This highlights the importance of crossing T's and dotting I's and may go some way towards explaining why we demand so much paperwork from you. There are also rules governing an Employer benefitting from apprenticeship funding, we provided this link to the Apprenticeship funding: rules and guidance for employers earlier this year.

Please make sure you always respond ASAP to any requests sent by us for information, signatures, or documents are returned. Failure to do so is likely to affect your eligibility for apprenticeship funding. A BIG THANK YOU to all employers who have returned the signed last page of the New Partner Salon Agreements, originally sent out in June, unfortunately despite several reminders some employers have still not returned these if that's you please sign and return now. If you need another copy call the office on 02392 591666 or 07798 774686.

Congratulations to the following learner who completed her Apprenticeship this week

Jasmine Bolton Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship Glitterati, Weybridge


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