This Week's News 09.06.17

Level 2 Hair Professional - update

As you will know from past additions of TWN, the new Hair Professional appenticeship Standard replaced the old Level 2 Intermediate apprenticeship Framework on 1st May. We are just waiting on City & Guilds to put the finishing touches to the qualification before we can sign up any new apprentices. Keep your eyes on TWN for any updates.

ITS Photo Competition - 'Best of British'

Time is ticking for your apprentices to get their entries in for this year's photo competition. The closing date it 30th of June. So if you haven't already done so, please encourage your apprentices to enter. Prizes are £100 for the winner and £75 for second and £50 for third place. Further details are available by logging onto our website. We're really looking forward to seeing their creations!

Models Wanted? 

Every Trainee Hairdresser needs to have models to practice on. Salon mannequin heads are good for beginning to practice holding the hair, getting your hands used to the equipment and to practice styling techniques on hair, but when it comes to real practice a hairdressing apprentice needs real people.

Some salons are never short of models, they advertise in their salon windows, their website and they advertise on Facebook and Instagram. As a result they build up a clientele of models who wouldn't otherwise visit the salon due usually to cost. Other salons do none of this and their apprentices can really struggle to recruit models to practice on.

You can ask for models for specific haircuts or colouring techniques and you can charge the model a nominal charge for the products, but on the whole they are doing you and your apprentice a huge favour, so be nice to them and they will hopefully spread the word and will return to the salon themselves. You could have some leaflets printed up for your apprentice to hand out in the local area, and ask local businesses if you can leave a few on their shop counter, or likewise.

Ask your apprentice to help to design a poster, design a leaflet, design a social media and a website post, let them use their creativity to help to get them models. When they have a model remind your apprentice to ask their model if they know someone else who would like to be a model for you. Do everything you can to help and support your apprentice to get models into your salon.

'It's not just about recruiting more apprentices - it's about keeping them engaged in the job'

This article highlights some of the challenges young people face when moving into their first job and suggests ways you as their employer can support them.
Read article

Increase in the number of SEN and EHC Plans

A Government report shows that the number of children and young people with statements of special education (SEN) or statutory Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans has increased. There were 175,233 children and young people with statutory EHC plans and 112,057 children and young people with SENs as at January 2017, which represents a 12.1% increase from January 2016. Read document for further details.

...However NEET figures fall

The overall number of 16-24 years old in the UK who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) continues to decline, according to latest NEET data from the Office for National Statistics.

In the period January to March 2017, 800,000 young people were NEET, which is 11.2% of all UK 16-24 year olds. Of these, 42% or 334,000 were looking and available for work (ie registered unemployed), with the rest categorised as 'economically inactive'.

The decline in the number of NEETs comes from 18-24 year olds. In January to March 2017 there were 740,000 people aged 18-24 who were NEET, down a considerable 68,000 from a year earlier. By contrast, there is far less movement in the 60,000 NEETs aged 16-17 years compared to the same period last year. In this younger age band year-on-year change is small - 1,000 more 16-17s who are unemployed and 9,000 fewer who are economically active. This might tend to infer that the impact of the Raising Participation Age (RPA) policy has, so far at least, had limited impact.


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