This Week's News 01.12.17 - APPRENTICESHIPS SPECIAL

This week's special edition covers all you need to know about the new Hair Professional standard, apprenticeship reforms, apprenticeship funding and rules. It is your one-stop place to get up to speed with the changes introduced in May 2017.

A Guide to Apprenticeships

Employing an Apprentice

Apprentice Pay and Conditions

Recruit an Apprentice and Helping You Advertise Apprenticeship Vacancies

Online Application Form for a Hairdressing Apprenticeship

Employer's Guide to Apprenticeship Changes from May 2017

Level 2 Hair Professional Apprenticeship (also see Assessment Plan below) for 16-18-year olds and 19+ year olds

Assessment Plan for The Hair Professional (including details of the end-point assessment)

Advanced Level Apprenticeship Hairdressing Framework (Level 3) for 16-18-year olds and 19+ year olds

Apprenticeship Funding

Apprenticeship Funding Bands

Apprenticeship Funding and Performance Management Rules

  1. Addendum 1
  2. Addendum 2

Funding & Performance Management Rules 2017-18 Summary of Changes

Functional Skills in Apprenticeships

Learning Support for Apprentices

Breaks in Learning - Policy for Apprentices

Apprentice Attendance, Absence and Withdrawal Policy

Expectations of Apprentices

Apprenticeship Agreement Template

No NI Contributions for Apprentices Under 25 Years

Off-the-Job Training Requirement for Apprentices

Retaining Apprentices

Become an Independent End-Point Assessor for City & Guilds

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