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Welcome to the March issue of ITS a hair thing!

Partner Salon Network meeting held on 12 February

Partner Salon Network meeting

Partner Salon Network meeting

It was great to welcome so many new, and familiar faces to the Partner Salon Network meeting held at our new venue last month. Minutes of the meeting can be found here.

As ever, your feedback is paramount and gives us the vital insight required to help us shape our provision to meet the needs of learners and partner salons. Crucially, your unanimous feedback relating to the proposed Advanced and Creative Hair Professional told us that this is not something you would be interested in pursuing. We are now working behind the scenes to investigate alternative level 3 progression routes... watch this space!

Congratulations to:

Luna Scardarella - Toni & Guy, Farnham
Danielle Howell - Hair Lab, Basingstoke
Emma Porter - Salon Sixteen, Petersfield
who were presented with their TAQA certificates at February's Partner Salon Meeting. Well done, ladies!

Partner Salon Network meeting

Partner Salon Network meeting For those of you who registered an interest in discussing your Social Media Management with Rick Pearce from So Beard Ltd, contact details are as follows:
So Beard Ltd - Creative & Innovative Social Media Management
T: 01483 677 087
M: 07791872810
London - Guildford - Southampton
W: sobeard.com
E: moc/draebos//kcir

Talking Therapies Directory - safeguarding mental health

Approximately 75 per cent of lifetime mental disorders begin before the age of 24 years. Prevalence of mental disorder in adolescents and young adults has increased in recent decades and is likely to continue to do so. Safeguarding the mental wellbeing of learners is paramount in ensuring they feel safe and supported at work. A range of free talking therapy support services are available in Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding counties, most of which offer a self-referral system. A directory of these services can be found on our website here.

Employment issues and concerns

On occasions, learners will raise employment issues and concerns with their Trainer/Assessor. In the first instance, we always encourage learners to discuss these matters with their employer/line manager to reach a resolution. This avoids wasting valuable contact time with their Trainer/Assessor during partner salon visits and averts the Trainer/Assessor from becoming the 'middle-person'. Please support us in encouraging learners to communicate these matters to you - regular appraisal meetings, for example, facilitate the perfect platform to underpin this. And remember - we are always very happy to offer support and guidance should you require it.

The risks of blood borne viruses

Employers have to avoid exposure to Blood borne viruses (BBVs) in the workplace. It cites the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 as legislation under which an employer has a duty to protect the health of employees or anyone else affected by the work involved, such as the public. BBVs are carried in the blood of some people and are potentially harmful to some but not to others. They can also be found in other body fluids.

The main BBVs of concern are:

  • Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)
  • Hepatitis C Virus
  • Hepatitis D

All of which cause Hepatitis, a liver disease. In addition, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can lead to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which attacks the body's immune system. The work of hairdressers and beauty therapists is listed as occupations where contact may take place through exposure to blood and other body fluids. Direct exposure to infected blood can happen through accidental contamination by a sharp instrument such as scissors, razor or needle, contamination of open wounds, skin abrasions, damaged skin due to eczema, or splashes to the eyes, nose and mouth. The Control of Substance hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) provides specific legislation on hazards that arise from working with biological agents such as BBVs. Under COSHH an employer has a legal duty to assess the risk of infection for employees and others to who may be affected by the work. Suitable precautions must be taken once a risk has been identified. The spread of virus forms of infection can only be controlled by the application of a strict hygiene code, which starts with regular sterilisation of equipment and tools. ALL towels and gowns should be laundered after EACH use. The regular and thorough cleaning of basins, work surfaces and toilet areas are of paramount importance to protect yourself and your clients. You need a policy statement outlining a 'code of practice' for dealing with blood or any other body fluid and a safe method of disposal of the contaminated materials used for 'cleaning up' after the event. Although the risk of contact may appear small, it is on a par with the 'fire risk' and must be given equal status in the overall management of health and safety.

Produce a proposed statement, which should appear in the health and safety paperwork for your salon on the subject of BBVs:

  • Identify the areas where hazards may be present - any contact with the client when using 'sharps'
  • Who may be harmed - all staff especially the person with an uncovered skin abrasion/open wound (this means any break in the skins surface)
  • Assess the likelihood of how BBVs could cause ill health - employers should consider the frequency and scale of contacts with blood or body fluids, the number of different people's blood/body fluids with which contact is made.
  • Record all findings
  • Review this risk assessment policy and amend as requires at least once a year.

In order to control the risk of exposure to BBVs the following recommendations should be considered:

  • Prohibit eating, drinking, smoking and the application of cosmetics in working areas where there is a risk of contamination
  • Prevent puncture wounds, cuts and abrasions
  • Avoid the use of, or exposure to, sharp instruments and materials where possible
  • Consider the use of safer devices, such as blunt ended scissors for opening packages
  • Cover all breaks in exposed skin by using waterproof dressings and suitable gloves
  • Protect the eyes and mouth by using visor/goggles/safety spectacles/mask
  • Use water-resistant protective clothing
  • Adopt basic good hygiene, such as hand washing between EVERY client
  • Use appropriate decontamination procedures and disposing of contaminated waste safely.

We love to celebrate the achievements of learners and salons. Please let us know if you have something to share!

ITS extends a warm welcome to the following partner salon:

Charlie Brown (Banstead, Wallington and Reigate)

Congratulations! to the following learners who achieved their frameworks in February:

Chloe Bellfield - level 3

Congratulations to the following learners who achieved their On Programme Tasks in January:

Lily Hiblen

Congratulations! to the following learners who are on target to achieve timely:

Mark Prince Leah Noble
Katelyn Hemmings Paige Napier
Chloe Thorne Kara Moore
Jorja Lee Rhianna Beckingham
Laura Byrne George Harris
Jasmine Joyce Emily Stevenson
Jemma Skudder Megan Deutsch
Jessica Hotston Rachel Smith
Emily Francis Lauren Grierson
Lauren Grainger Abbie-May Pilkington
Emily-Jo Cooper Grace Harwood
Robyn Giles Simona Gagliardi
Maddison Willoughby Grace Fry
Lauryn Griffiths Summer Monks
Emily Singleton Jessie Prior

Thank you! To the following partner salons who accomodated an IQA visit from Simone Diges in February:

Pure Hair, Lightwater
Leo Bancroft, Weybridge
Lush Hair and Beauty, Aldershot
The Cutting Rooms, Knaphill

Congratulations! to the following learners who successfully completed hairdressing units in February:

Chloe Bellfield
Nicole Sellwood
Paige Napier
Chelsey Coiro
Linsey Chilvers
Megan Taylor
Jessica Hotston
Megan Fisher
Kara Moore
Leah Burnham
Charlotte Harrison
Jessie Proir
Francesca Barbarito
Ferne Barber
Nicole Bradley-Sleet
Nicole Sellwood
Milly Davis

It's great to see examples of work created by learners! We'd love you to share more of these with us:

Romantic hair-up! Leo Bancroft, Weybridge

Leo Bancroft

A super long-graduated cut! Milly Davis (Hair Lab, Basingstoke)

Milly Davis (Hair Lab, Basingstoke)

Nicole Bradley-Sleet (Leo Bancroft, Weybridge) learning how many days there are in each month using her knuckles! And the rhyme we all grew up with.

Nicole Bradley-Sleet (Leo Bancroft, Weybridge)

Fabulous colour! Katelyn Hemmings (Remington Harrow, Farnham)

Katelyn Hemmings (Remington Harrow, Farnham)

Have a great month!

Lauren Pullen
Head of Provision
Inter Training Services Ltd
Mobile: 07875 303317
Web: www.its-ltd.net

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