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Welcome to the June issue of ITS a hair thing!

Partner Salon Network Meeting Monday 3 June 2019 - 6pm to 8.30pm

We look forward to welcoming you this evening to the Partner Salon Network meeting. Registration and refreshments from 5.30pm, Simone will be on-hand to support in salon assessors with their 2018/19 CPD records throughout the evening. Please note the meeting will be held again at our new venue - Hog's Back Hotel and Spa, Farnham, Surrey GU10 1EX

Agenda items are subject to change and all timings are approximate.
Light refreshments will be provided.

Qualification Achievement Rates and 'Early Leavers'

The government use 'Qualification Achievement Rates' (QARs) as a success measure for apprenticeship training providers, like ITS. This is calculated using the actual number of apprentices who achieve their apprenticeship, against the number who started an apprenticeship, but did not complete. Those who leave part way through their training or those who do not achieve their apprenticeship (including maths and English, where required) are referred to as 'early leavers' and have a serious negative impact on our QARs.

A decline in QARs, or shortfall against the national benchmark is very damaging to the ongoing success of ITS. Our internal monitoring systems tell us that the breakdown in relationship between apprentices and their employer, is the reason for 'early leavers'. We are keen to act as an intermediator to help resolve issues between apprentices and Partner Salons, so are interested to hear about the strategies you use to overcome issues with your apprentices and welcome your participation at the PSN meeting forum this evening.

The following guidance has been designed to help our Partner Salons deliver the best support for future talent. Providing a workplace mentor in your salon to support Apprentices is key to securing their success:

Supporting Apprentices
We will work closely with you to ensure that Apprentices are given proper support and that any potential problems are identified and addressed as promptly as possible.

ITS Role

  • keep in regular contact with your Apprentices and you.
  • encourage and motivate Apprentices.
  • show real interest in the skills they are developing in the workplace.
  • help them to appreciate the long term benefits of training and qualifications.
  • identify any problems or concerns and seek suitable solutions.

Partner Salon Role

  • help Apprentices to appreciate the long term benefits of training and qualifications.
  • provide opportunities for them to practise and develop their skills.
  • give them time at work to complete tasks and produce evidence.
  • be aware of any problems or difficulties which they may experience.
  • share your concerns with us.
  • provide a buddy or mentor for Apprentices.
  • provide regular meetings and reviews for your Apprentices.

Progress reviews

To check that each Apprentice is getting the most out of their training programme, it is important to monitor their progress at regular (12-weekly) intervals or more frequently when necessary. Progress reviews are the opportunity to check that agreed targets are being met and that any additional training or support needs are addressed promptly. It is also when new targets are agreed, so it is very important that you are involved in this conversation.

ITS Role

  • organise a progress review meeting (minimum every 12 weeks)
  • facilitate the meeting involving the Apprentice and yourself
  • identify any learning and support needs and amend the ILJ accordingly
  • agree and record targets between this and the next progress review
  • make sure the Apprentice and you understand the targets to be achieved and the part you will play in monitoring their achievement

Partner Salon Role

  • take part in progress reviews and set targets for the Apprentice to achieve
  • identify how we can help support the training you provide in the salon
  • advise on workplace training and assessment opportunities

The Mentor Handbook 'Working Together to Achieve Success for Apprentices' is available on our website here and has been designed for workplace mentors to support the development of future talent.

Transform from a good hairdresser to a good manager

An interesting podcast focusing on issues relating to both recruitment and retention of apprentices with Clive Collins and Paul Simbler of HOB Salons is available here. It is well worth the 30 minute listen and gives a valuable insight in to the strategies employed by the HOB's group to strengthen effective staff management and viewpoint of the End Point Assessment from an employer's perspective.

Learner recruitment drive - NOW is the time!

The majority of GCSE exam board timetables began on Monday 13 May and will finish between Wednesday 19 and Friday 21 June and we are approaching a prime learner recruitment stage. Promoting your apprenticeship on your social media pages; salon windows; email communications and verbally in conversation with your clients are key ways to support recruitment efforts.

ITS has recently welcomed Jo Eastman to the team as Marketing Administrator, who would be delighted to support you with your recruitment objectives. We have had success with supporting partner salons at local school career events and we would be very happy to talk to you about opportunities in your area. If you would like to add your vacancy to RAA - the Government's service for advertising and managing application vacancies, please contact Jo at the office for more information email ten/dtl-sti//annaoj or telephone 02393 591666

Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7 from January 2020

If you have any Windows 7 PC's within your business then now is the time to start planning to upgrade or replace them.

Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7 from Jan 2020. This will have some big impacts upon businesses that have made this their standard.

  • No more security updates - means that any new exploits will leave Windows 7 unprotected.
  • No more support - means that if you have any issues or something is not working, Microsoft won't help.

Windows 7 was one of the most popular versions of the Microsoft desktop operating systems. Employees liked the performance and most of all they could navigate the start menu and understood the layout. IT support engineers loved the product as it was stable, easy to maintain and deploy. As such, it became the default for most and when Windows 8 was released most customers bypassed it. Windows 10 has become the natural successor.

We love to celebrate the achievements of learners and salons. Please let us know if you have something to share!

Thank you! to the following partner salons who accommodated IQA visits from Simone Diges in May:

Darren Pope - Cabello, Frimley
Nadege Faverais - Amandege, Weybridge
Galina Sarbeva - Aveda (Mary Ann Weeks), Guildford
Amy Jewell and Emma Porter - Salon Sixteen, Petersfield.

Congratulations! to the following learners who successfully completed hairdressing apprenticeship in May:

Lauren Grainger

Congratulations! to the following learners who successfully completed hairdressing units in May:

Chloe Swan
Jessie Prior
Lauren Pomphrey
Jodie Poulter
Lauren Grainger

Congratulations! to the following learners who achieved their On-Programme Tasks in May:

George Harris

Congratulations! to the following learners who are on target to achieve timely:

Francesca BarbaritoLauren Betts
Chloe BoothNicole Bradley-Sleet
Leah BurnhamLaura Byrne
Alexia CarrKaty Charge
Linsey ChilversEmily-Jo Cooper
Abigail CuthbertAnastasia Finney
Megan ForshawGrace Fry
Simona GagliardiLauryn Griffiths
Charlotte HarrisonChloe Hornby
Jessica HotstonAaron Knetchl
Rhiannon MannersLucy Matthews
Pippa McLarenKara Moore
Amy MorrisChloe Newland
Leah NobleAlysha O’Keefe
Lauren PomphreyJodie Poulter
Chloe PowerJessie Prior
Brodie ScottEmily Singleton
Jemma SkudderRachel Smith
Chloe SwainMegan Taylor
Chloe ThorneLilly Wilkins

It's great to see examples of work created by learners! We'd love you to share more of these with us:

Perfect plaits! Chloe Booth - The Hair Boutique, Cranleigh

Perfect plaits

Knowledge is power! Katy Charge - Luca M Hair, Addlestone.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

Fabulous cut and colour! Rachel Smith - Leo Bancroft, Weybridge.

Fabulous cut and colour

Gorgeous graduation! Katelyn Hemmings - Remington Harrow, Farnham

Gorgeous graduation

Great shot of the Charlie Brown team who attended Colour World UK 2019!

Charlie Brown team

Congratulations! to the following 'Literacy Stars of the month'!

Literacy Stars of the month

Fantastic example of real-life literacy skills! Jodie Poulter - Box Hairdressing, Basingstoke.

I am writing to discuss my experience at one of your newly opened branches of Nando's, specifically the Brighton Hill branch. I ordered a takeaway at this establishment - a fino pitta, regular chips and a bottle of lemon and herb sauce. However, when I arrived home, excited for my meal, I was upset to realise I had received peri salted chips instead of regular. Alas, I continued to my meal, only to discover later that it was without halloumi, caramelised onions or garlic mayo. My "fino pitta" was just two chicken thighs, lettuce and sun-dried tomatoes. This experience has upset me deeply as this meal, in particular, was my first Nando's takeaway and reduced me to tears as I really needed this meal.

Leading leaflet literacy! Katie Currie - Inspirations Hair and Beauty, Woodley.

How to treat customers on the phone

Being on reception is one of the main duties when working in a salon.

Receptionists are the first people a customer hears or sees, so it is key to make a good first impression. For example, if you are on the phone always you need to say, "Good morning" or "Good afternoon."

What should staff do when a customer calls?

The main thing is always to use an appropriate tone of voice to make a good first impression. This will make the customer feel comfortable on the phone. Also, when booking an appointment staff should listen to what the customer wants and may give them some advice. This would respectfully show the customer that they have understood the customer's requirements. Another job is to answer any questions they may have, which would make the customer feel valued. Even if you cannot help (for example, you are fully booked), you have to be positive and assist them in finding an alternative date and time.

Why is it important?

It is important because, if you make a good first impression, customers will come back because they would feel valued. Also, by listening to them, they would feel respected and will know that they will get the help they need. The customer needs to feel important.

What staff should not do

Firstly, staff should not act as if they are not listening and do not care about the customer as this would be seen as rude and disrespectful. Also, if staff do not say anything and do not give advice it might suggest that they are unable to help at all. A negative tone of voice could make a customer feel uncomfortable.

In conclusion, it is important for staff to listen to customers and to show that they are listening.

Top tip from Linda Somers! Remember the spelling of 'separate' by seeing a rat in sep a rat e. Commonly misspelled as seperate!


Have a great month!

Lauren Pullen
Head of Provision
Inter Training Services Ltd
Mobile: 07875 303317
Web: www.its-ltd.net

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