ITS a hair thing - July 2020

Welcome to the July issue of ITS a hair thing!

At the time of writing, I can feel the buzz in the air as our partner salons prepare to reopen their doors on July 4th. No doubt you will be feeling a combination of excitement and apprehension as you navigate the recently published government guidance. As ever, we are committed to supporting employers, apprentices and in-salon assessors as we adjust to the new ways of working and endeavour to 'bounce-back' from COVID-19.

Staying COVID-19 secure in 2020

COVID-19 risk assessment notice

The newly published government guidance has been emailed to all partner salons (and attached to this issue). We have requested a photograph of your signed Covid-19 Secure Notice to evidence your compliance. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of apprentices and personnel is protected prior to face to face visits being resumed. Please note, the guidance requires businesses to display the notice in both the workplace and on the company website.

if you have not already done so, please send a photograph of your signed COVID-19 Notice to: ten/dtl-sti//ofni

ITS remote delivery model

The successful transition to a remote learning model has enabled us to maintain frequent contact with apprentices without compromising quality. The remote delivery model meets individual learning styles and employs a range of blended training and assessment approaches, this has helped to sustain levels of motivation and engagement and meet off the job training requirements whilst apprentices are furloughed.

Examples include the use of:

  • City and Guilds SmartScreen - providing apprentices with the platform to measure progress mapped to the standard together with a range of e-learning resources and video tutorials
  • Weekly apprentice challenges with outcomes being celebrated on our social media platforms and feedback provided to apprentices from their Trainer/Assessor
  • Reminders sent to apprentices prior to scheduled training sessions to underpin high attendance rates
  • Online activities such as BKSB for English and maths and Virtual College wellbeing tasks are employed to maintain commitment to learning and measure progress.
  • 'Live' Instagram tutorials

'Bouncing-back' - support for apprentices
We are acutely aware of the need to support apprentices 'bounce-back' from the negative impacts of COVID-19. Equally, we acknowledge partner salons will be prioritising economic recovery to ensure business sustainability. For this reason, we are committed to adopting a flexible approach to training and assessment to enable us to work collaboratively in reaching the best outcomes for apprentices.

'Live with Leanne'

Our special thanks to Leanne Humphries (Velvet Rooms, Chobham), for kindly hosting a series of highly engaging and educational Instagram tutorials!

Live with Leanne

Resuming face to face visits

As published in June's issue of ITS a hair thing, we are mindful not to burden partner salons with additional pressures to accommodate face to face visits immediately. For this reason, apprentices will continue to be supported remotely in July and August and your Trainer/Assessor will be scheduling face to face visits from September.

Please note, we would be very happy to resume visits in August should you feel able to accommodate visits sooner - please contact your Trainer/Assessor to discuss your requirements.

PPE for ITS personnel

In response to the government guidance for close contact services, PPE has been provided for all ITS personnel in readiness for resuming face to face visits.

The guidance states hand washing and social-distancing to be the most effective means of controlling the risks of COVID-19, and references the limited benefits of wearing face masks. The use of clear visors are recommended for close contact work only (checking haircuts etc.) That being said, due to the close proximity of apprentice contact, we have decided it is best practise to provide our personnel with the following:

  • Clear visor
  • Antibacterial wipes (to sanitise keyboards)
  • Hand gel
  • Supply of disposable face masks

Whilst the use of the clear visor and face masks are not mandatory for salon visits when not carrying out close contact services, we appreciate partner salons will have individual rules for permitting access.

ACTION FOR YOU: Please take the opportunity to notify your Trainer/Assessor of any additional health and safety measures to be observed when face to face visits resume.

In-Salon Assessor 2019-20 CPD records

A special thank you to all In-Salon Assessors who returned their 2019-20 CPD record to Simone Diges - a real achievement in the face of current challenges.

Functional Skills calculated grades

Apprentices who should have sat their Functional Skills exams prior to July 31st have been provided with a calculated grade assessed by their Trainer/Assessor and Learning Support Tutor. These results will be moderated by City and Guilds and the results of which will be published on 31st July 2020.

For each of the different elements of the Functional Skills assessment, eg reading, writing, speaking, listening & communicating or mathematics, ITS were required to submit to City & Guilds the grade that they believe the apprentice would have been most likely to achieve if teaching, learning and assessment had continued under normal circumstances. This was based upon what was known about the apprentice, along with their work and achievements on programme so far.

In order to determine the grade, Trainer/Assessors were asked to take into consideration a range of activities such as practice or mock exams, partially or fully completed assignments, apprentice performance in homework or other set work and tasks as well as general progress on the course.

Apprentices in scope for receiving a calculated grade have been provided with a letter from City and Guilds which can be viewed here.

PM promises 'every young person' the 'chance of an apprenticeship or an in-work placement'

The prime minister

The prime minister has promised to offer an "opportunity guarantee" that will give "every young person the chance of an apprenticeship or an in-work placement" to boost the economy after Covid-19.

But details of how this policy would actually work or how much it would cost are not yet known.

Boris Johnson delivered a speech at Dudley College last week to launch a "new deal" which accelerates £5 billion on infrastructure projects across the country to "build build build".

He said that for a "century we have failed to invest enough in further education and give young people the practical training and further education they need" before reiterating that the government will invest £1.5 billion for refurbishments to "dilapidated" college buildings, starting this year.

The prime minister then said: "We will also offer an opportunity guarantee, so that every young person has the chance of an apprenticeship or an in-work placement so that they maintain the skills and confidence they need to find the job that is right for them."

Johnson has previously said he thinks that every young person should be given an "apprenticeship guarantee".

Responding to the speech, Association of Employment and Learning Providers chief executive Mark Dawe said: "The fact that the prime minister sees work placements as a key part of a new opportunity guarantee for young people is an important step forward and we recently submitted at the government's request what has been holding back the highly effective traineeship programme from taking off.

"We believe incentives for SME employers will be needed."

It was reported by The Sun that chancellor Rishi Sunak could be about to announce handouts of £3,000 to employers for each apprentice under the age of 25 they hire.

Dawe said the AELP "does not believe that the floated £3,000 employer incentive is going to cut it".

"To meet a 50 per cent wage subsidy, the subsidy for a young apprentice in their first year should be around £4,000 and up to £7,500 in second year depending on their age," he added.

Johnson said that Sunak will provide an update on his economic recovery strategy next week.

Following the speech, the Department for Education said the "guarantee" involves several government departments, and the detail is still being finalised.

They added that the basic premise is that they recognise the substantial risk that some young people who would usually enter the labour market this year will find themselves unemployed.

September TAQA Course Enrolling Now!

Are you looking for your next challenge? Do you want to become an accredited In-Salon Assessor?

If the answer is yes, we are now accepting applications for our September TAQA course! Run in partnership with Waverley Training Services, this course is for people who are, or will be, assessing apprentices for vocational qualifications and Functional Skills. Achieving this qualification is an opportunity to stretch your skills, improve your career prospects and put something back into the industry.

Please email: ten/dtl-sti//ofni to register your interest NOW!!

We love to celebrate the achievements of learners and partner salons. Please let us know if you have something to share!

Congratulations! to the following learners who achieved their On Programme Tasks in June:

Alysha O'Keefe
Lily Murphy
Danielle Butler
Hazel Webb

Welcome! to the following learners who joined programme in June:

Lauren Bennett

June apprentice competition

June apprentice competition

Last month, apprentices were invited to enter our competition for their work to feature on the cover of a range of ITS documents. The closing date was on Friday 3 July at 12 noon and the results will be announced shortly. In the meantime, here's a snapshot of the entries:

Emily-Jo Cooper - Mova

Emily-Jo Cooper - Mova

Emma Freeman – The Colour House

Emma Freeman - The Colour House

Grace Bonner - Velvet Rooms

Grace Bonner - Velvet Rooms

Holly Chaulk - Hair Lab

Holly Chaulk - Hair Lab

Katie Shreeve - Inspirations

Katie Shreeve - Inspirations

Laura Wentworth - Stone

Laura Wentworth - Stone

Megan Taylor - Pure Hair

Megan Taylor - Pure Hair

Rachel Smith - Leo Bancroft

Rachel Smith - Leo Bancroft

It's great to see examples of work created by learners! We'd love you to share more of these with us!

Nicole Bradley-Sleet - Leo Bancroft

Nicole Bradley-Sleet - Leo Bancroft

Nicole Bradley-Sleet - Leo Bancroft

Rachel Smith - Leo Bancroft

Rachel Smith - Leo Bancroft

Rachel Smith - Leo Bancroft

Rachel Smith - Leo Bancroft

Have a great month enjoying 'just hair'!

It's just hair

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