ITS a hair thing - December 2018

Welcome to the December issue of ITS a hair thing! With Christmas just around the corner, no doubt you will be working your magic around the clock as your salons bustle with the merry footsteps of clients. A gruelling, yet FABULOUS time of year for hairdressers!

Hot off the press!

We LOVE to inspire learners to achieve and aim high! For this reason, we have introduced a monthly ITS ‘Roll of Honour' to celebrate the achievements learners make. The first issue has been emailed to learners today – don't forget to ask your learners if they have made the December ROH!

New application process

We are now required to collect evidence that a salon induction is being carried out for all new starts. You will be sent a copy of our Induction Checklist (also available on our website) in case you do not have one of your own. We will require a scanned/photographed copy of the completed version to be returned to the office prior to sign-on.

In addition, we will require a copy of the learner's contract of employment before a sign up can take place. If you have any questions about either document, please call 02392 591 666 or email ten/dtl-sti//ofni and we will be very happy to help you.

ESFA Employer Survey

The ESFA have published a survey for Employers to help them understand how to make registration for the Apprenticeship Service easy for employers who don't pay the apprenticeship levy. The survey can be found here.

Apprenticeship mentoring course

A new, online mentoring course for those who have a role in mentoring apprentices is being offered by Apprenticeshipmakers at a reduced cost of £49!

The course will guide you through an introduction to mentoring for those taking on a mentoring role - such as an In-Salon Assessor, to support apprentices. It is interactive and thought-provoking and develops an individual's skills and abilities in order to become a successful apprentice mentor. You can purchase this course now and get instant access. You'll also get an Apprenticemakers Certificate of Completion and one years free Studying Membership of the IOEE. Enrol here.

Top Tips for Recruiting Apprentices: Engaging Schools – Kate Trippick

Where are all the apprentices?
Good question! I'm sure you've all noticed that the usual summer surge of apprentice candidates has been underwhelming this year! Personally, I have only had a few school leavers submit applications though RAA and I have heard from you that salons are not having the usual uptake in walk-in candidates. The government has proclaimed that enrolment in apprenticeships has dropped, so what can we do to attract them through our salon doors? It might be time to have a second look at school engagement!

Check out these success stories!

Macco Hair in West Byfleet noticed this downturn and decided to expand their pre-established relationship with the local school. A few phone calls later and they had the necessary permissions to post fliers in schools advertising Work Experience opportunities at the salon. The result has been worth the effort! Macco welcomed five young people to experience the industry over just three weeks! This success is due to the relationship they already have with the school and the extra insight to build upon it by posting fliers. Hopefully, these students will come back for training when they leave school!

Remington Harrow in Farnham has also managed to get local students through the salon doors with an After-School Club which is open to Year 11 students. The school advertises the club and supplies a list of interested candidates to the salon. Those attending receive one hour per week of basic hairdressing training after school. A training plan is followed each week and those completing the programme at year's end are offered the opportunity to create a CV and apply for an apprenticeship. In turn, the school regularly asks Remington Harrow to attend Careers Evening to discuss apprenticeships with students and parents! Win - Win!

ARC Hairdressing, Box Hairdressing and Hair Lab, our Partner Salons in Basingstoke, were all given an invitation to visit Year 10 and 11 Cranbourne College students who are currently studying Hair and Beauty. How did this come about? I got in contact with schools near you containing a hairdressing curriculum ( I like to call this "fishing where there are fish") and Cranbourne College invited ITS to attend their Career Fair. Charlotte Rowlinson and I spent the afternoon chatting with lovely students who wanted to know more about work experience and apprenticeships. In turn, the curriculum leader has recommended the top students for roles in our salons with an invitation for a chance to meet them! This is an excellent way to attract candidates already embracing the industry in hopes of placement.

If you want to engage with your local school, the Department of Education has made it a bit easier! Effective from January 2018, they implemented "The Baker Clause" which requires that all state schools and academies grant training providers access to Year 8 -13 students to talk about apprenticeships. This mandate also requires schools to have a Careers Leader to implement this plan. Most schools have Career Fairs and welcome organisations from all sectors to engage with their pupils. As with most things, timing is everything! Autumn term is best to reach upcoming Year 11 leavers due to year-end revision/exams and Summer term is best for Year 10 students who may want to accept work experience. Get in touch with me or your local school if you are interested in this type of outreach! It might make a difference in the quantity AND quality of your potential apprentices!

Cranbourne College Career Fair

Give school engagement a try!! (above left) ITS displays at the Cranbourne College Career Fair in October 2018. (above right) Charlotte Rowlinson discusses hairdressing apprenticeships to two Hair and Beauty students.

We love to celebrate the achievements of learners and salons. Please let us know if you have something to share!

Congratulations! to the following learners who achieved their frameworks in November:

Francesca Barbarito - Level 2 - The Cutting Room
Naomi Beadell - Level 2 - Dare Hairdressing
Amy Luff - Level 3 - Emotive Hair

Congratulations! to the following learners who achieved their On Programme Tasks in November:

Lauren Grierson
Rebecca Pratt
Abbie-May Pilkington
Jemma Skudder
Katelyn Hemmings
Emily Singleton
Chloe Thorne

Congratulations! to the following learners who are on target to achieve timely:

Kara Moore Chelsey Coiro
Katelyn Hemmings Aaron Knechtl
Jasmine Stone Thea Garguilo
Jessica Hotston Mark Prince
Orla Quirke Jasmine Stone
Emily Tropia Rhianna Beckingham
Milly Davis George Harris
Jasmine Joyce Emily Stevenson
Jemma Skudder Martine Cherrington
Ferne Barber Jodie Forster
Ellie Wing Lauren Grierson
Rebecca Pratt Chloe Thorne
Lauren Grainger Francesca Barbarito
Green Madeline Abbie-May Pilkington
Emily-Jo Cooper Grace Harwood
Robyn Giles Simona Gagliardi
Maddison Willoughby Grace Fry
Lauryn Griffiths Summer Monks
Emily Singleton Jessie Prior
Kate Lamb Paige Napier
Jorja Lee  

Thank you! to the following In-Salon Assessors who accommodated IQA visits from Simone Diges in November:

Emily Dawes (Perfections, Yateley)

Natalie Wise Jemma Skudder
Chloe Thorne Francescca Barbarito
Naomi Beadell Martine Cherrington
Shannon Daly Milly Davis
Jodie Forster Lauren Grainger
Amina Hassan Katie Currie
Kira Kenny Summer Monks
Emily Singleton Jodie Scott
Amy Luff Chloe Bellfield
Cooper Emily Megan Fisher
Roybin Giles Lauryn Griffiths
George Harris Jasmin Joyce
Charlotte Pugh Leah Noble
Nicola Sellwood Jo De Lucia
Connor Peck  

A huge thank you to ALL our in-salon assessors who successfully returned their 2017/18 CPD reflective records to Simone by the October deadline!

A special thanks goes to Marc Davidson for being the first to complete and return his record, and to the following assessors who were noted by the City and Guilds EQA to have submitted exemplary reflective accounts:
Amy Jewels
Bethany Harris
Darren Pope
Hannah Manton
Hollie Bell
Lucy Penny
Nadege Faverais
Rachel Higginson
Jack Barney
Jackie Stranney
Kirsty Whittingham
Kylie Paterson

It's great to see examples of work created by learners! We'd love you to share more of these with us:

Check out this fabulous hair-up created by Mark Prince (Hair Boutique, Cranleigh)

Mark Prince (Hair Boutique, Cranleigh)

First-class cut by Abbie-May Pilkington (Toni and Guy, Farnham)

First-class cut by Abbie-May Pilkington

Congratulations! to Marc Davidson and the team at Marc Daniel, Camberley who scooped the Camberley Business Award for Best Long Serving Business. Previously, the salon have won the Best Customer Service Award for three consecutive years!

Marc Davidson

Congratulations! To Remington Harrow who were awarded Gold Standard for Customer Service Excellence!

Remington Harrow

It's the season to be jolly! We LOVE your festive salon displays:

Leo Bancroft, Weybridge

Leo Bancroft, Weybridge

Lush, Aldershot

Lush, Aldershot

Velvet Rooms, Chobham

Velvet Rooms, Chobham

Capella, Frimley

Capella, Frimley

Hair Boutique, Cranleigh

Hair Boutique, Cranleigh

Team ITS would like to thank you for your valued support throughout 2018 and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Lauren Pullen
Head of Provision
Inter Training Services Ltd
Mobile: 07875 303317
Web: www.its-ltd.net

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