Guide to remote learning during Covid-19 lockdown / periods of self isolation

This guide is designed to answer questions apprentices may have about remote learning whilst we are in lockdown, or where an apprentice must self-isolate.

What remote education will be made available to apprentices?

YouTrainer/Assessor will contact you to book remote sessions in place of face-to-facsalon visits.

During these sessions, your Trainer/Assessor will discuss your health and wellbeing and deliver a blend of theory and/or practical training. Off the job training will also be reviewed, together with agreeing and setting of targets for the month. The minimum duration of remote sessions is one hour per month.

In addition to the above, a wide variety of virtual teaching and learning activities will be made available to all apprentices to sustain levels of motivation and progress. These include: weekly WhatsApp messages from your Trainer/Assessor; access to pre-recorded training sessions; access to the ITS YouTube channel; Instagram ‘live’ sessions and group Zoom tutorials.

How will I know what to doand when?

  • Your Trainer/Assessor will contact you via text or WhatsApp, confirming your scheduled session date and time

  • Your Trainer/Assessor will confirm which tools and equipment you will need for your session, or agree alternatives where these are not available to you

  • Agreed targets and activities for the month will be recorded on your visit log and sent to you via email by your Trainer/Assessor

  • Opportunities to engage with the monthly apprentice challenge and the sharing of motivational quotes to support mental-wellbeing will be communicated to you by text/WhatsApp and promoted on the ITS Facebook and Instagram pages

You are expected to:

  • Be punctual for remote sessions and activities

  • Ensuryou have the required tools, equipment and training logs available to use as part of the session

  • Make contact with your Trainer/Assessor if a change to a scheduled session is required

  • Be dressed appropriately (e.g. no pyjamas)

  • Use appropriate, respectful language

  • Complete and keep a record of your OJT hours

  • Make contact with your Trainer/Assessor where further support is required

What if I do not have access to an online device?

By having a variety of activities, some being online and some not, you will be provided with tasks that meet your learning and accessibility needs. Please let your Trainer/Assessor know if you have any difficulties.

Arrangements for Learning Support sessions

Your Learning Support Tutor will contact you to book remote sessions to replace face-to-face visits.  Apprentice without access to the internet or an online device will receive support via telephone (mobile or landline). CGP maths and English workbooks can be provided for apprentices who request these.

Additional Support

Your Trainer/Assessor and/or Learning Support Tutor can be contacted via phone, text/WhatsApp or email during office hours to provide you with additional support or answer any queries you may have.

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